Accommodation and Living in Prague

Entry formalities

Comprehensive information regarding visa issues is available at the website of the Ministry of the Interior (with a special section with information for schools and students) or we recommend you to turn to the Czech diplomatic mission in your country.

Acoommodation in Prague

Living costs

Expenses covering the stay are substantially lower than in any west European country. Expenses covering food, accomodation, and public transportation come altogether to about 350-750 USD/month. Naturally, it all depends on the student’s lifestyle and on how much he/she really wants to spend. The prices can also vary considerably depending on where you stay.

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the best card for all students. It allows cardholders to get student discounts for transport, restaurants, cinemas, museums, exhibitions and concerts. In principal, students coming to the Czech Republic should obtain an ISIC card at their home university or in their home country.

Student organizations

  • Erasmus Student Network Czech Republic
    ESN CZ connects and supports international student clubs in the Czech Republic which help international students coming to study at Czech universities. The organization is represented in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, České Budějovice, Hradec Králové, Liberec, Olomouc, Plzeň and Zlín.
    AEGEE is a student organisation that promotes co-operation, communication and integration amongst young people in Europe. As a non-governmental, politically independent, secular and non-profit organisation AEGEE is open to students and young people from all faculties and disciplines. The organization is represented in 3 towns:

    • AEGEE-Brno
    • AEGEE-Plzen
    • AEGEE-Praha
  • AIESEC Czech Republic
    AIESEC CZ is a part of the world’s largest youth-run organization. AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to participate in international internships, experience leadership and participate in a global learning environment.
  • IAESTE Czech Republic
    IAESTE CZ is a student exchange organization that provides students of science, engineering, technology and the applied arts with paid, course-related, technical training abroad.

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