Course List



Dear partners,

We are pleased to offer your Erasmus Mobility Students the following course selection in five thematic blocks. Of course, students can combine courses from each block.

For better orientation and comfort in selection and study, the courses are divided into the following five thematic blocks:

  1. International Relations
  2. Management, Marketing, Marketing Research
  3. International Tourism
  4. Public Administration
  5. Languages

An overview of the individual blocks and courses incl. credits, recommended degree of study and a brief annotation of the courses offered can be found below.

The final implementation of courses depends on the number of applicants – enrolled students.

We believe that the offer for the coming semester will be attractive for your students.

We look forward to working with you and developing other internationalization opportunities with your university.

We hope that in spite of the current problems of the development of international relations we will be able to continue organizing mobilities from the next academic year, either in contact or distance way.

We appreciate our cooperation and will be happy to support and develop our mutual relationship in the future.

Kind regards

Olga Nebeská

Vice-rector for International Relations and PR



Thematic block 1: 

International Relations

Course ECTS Degree Professor
History of international relations in Europe 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Eduard Gombár
Islamic world in international relations 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Eduard Gombár
Changes in the Global Economic Architecture after the Crisis 2007-2009 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Jaroslav Mesršmíd
The EU in the past, today and in the future 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Jaroslav Mesršmíd
Basic of the Public International Law 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Štefan Viedenský
International Economics 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Monika Palatková
International Economic Relations 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Jan Mládek
Economic Policy 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Jan Mládek


Thematic block 2: 

Management, Marketing, Marketing Research

Course ECTS Degree Professor
Strategic Management 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Monika Palatková
International Marketing 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Bohumír Štědroň
Political Marketing 5 ECTS Master Bohumír Štědroň
PR, Media and Politics 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Jozek Ftorek
Marketing Research 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Miroslav Foret
Essentials of Marketing 4 ECTS Bachelor Josef Hrudka


Thematic block 3: 

International Tourism

Course ECTS Degree Professor
International Tourism 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Monika Palatková
International Tourism Marketing 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Monika Palatková


Thematic block 4: 

Public Administration

Course ECTS Degree Professor
Public Administration Ethics and Integrity 5 ECTS Bachelor  Marie Bohatá
The Role of Statistics in European Integration 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Marie Bohatá
Democracy, Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Jan Slavíček
Marketing in the Public Sector 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Jiří Kohoutek
Political System of Canada 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Jiří Kohoutek


Thematic block 5: 


Course ECTS Degree Professor
Czech 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Adriano Baldessari
Russian 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Miriam Pavlišová
English 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Kateřina Baušteinová / Marc Cram
French 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Alena Mrázová
Spanish 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Irena Rudolfová / Santiago López
German 5 ECTS Bachelor / Master Zdena Šilerová


Please note that opening the course is dependent on the number of students applying for it. These changes will be made in your Learning agreements – part During mobility – within 15 days after your arrival.

We also allow to students understanding the Czech language, to choose among subjects from Czech study programs. The rate of Czech and English taught lessons must be 50% at least.

We highly recommend students to enroll no less than half of theoretical subjects.

Czech language classes for exchange students is compulsory.