Attorney – mistakes and reality

Range: 1 day – 6 lessons

Course price: 3.500, – CZK / participant

Date and Time: coming soon

Lecturer: JUDr. Daniela Kovářová

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The aim of the course is to inform on the tasks and position of the lawyer, on the selection procedures for lawyers, on the limits of legal representation and the remuneration for providing legal services.


Who is a lawyer and where to find him / her, the usual communication with a lawyer, the selection process for a lawyer, the lawyer’s reward.

Liability and ethics, disciplinary responsibility, the role of the Czech Bar Association.

Mistakes and prejudices of public opinion about lawyers. Comparison with other legal professions. What can a bad counsel cause?

Location and date of the course CIPR

Way of completion and proof of completion: Certificate of completion of the course.

Educational programs will be launched continuously after a sufficient number of applicants enrolls (min. – 10 people).