Inheritance and discussion of the estate according to the current legislation

Range: 1 day – 6 lessons

Course price: 3.500, – CZK / participant

Date and Time: coming soon

Lecturer: JUDr. Daniela Kovářová

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The aim of the course is to acquaint the public with the current legal regulation of succession inheritance, inheritance from the case of death and with the principles of proceedings on the hearing about estate inheritance, including the principle of death, in which the property of the deceased falls to the state.


Interpretation of new institutes under the new Civil Code (inheritance contract, reference, executor, etc.)

Law succession and death. Different interests of testator, heirs and creditors

Proceedings on inheritance and its complications. Liquidation of overindebted estate

Inheritance disputes, invalid wills, additional property or heir.

Location and date of the course CIPR

Way of completion and proof of completion: Certificate of completion of the course.

Educational programs will be launched continuously after a sufficient number of applicants enrolls (min. – 10 people).