doc. Ing. Pavel Krpálek, CSc.

Vice-Rector for Science, Research, Creative, Publication and Grant Activities
+420 251 171 945

doc. Ing. Pavel Krpálek, CSc. has many years of managerial experience in the field of management and coordination of science and research at universities. Until 2018 he was Vice-Rector for Science, Research and Informal Education at the University of Business in Prague, where he was also in charge of the Department of Economics. His professional and scientific background is precisely the sectoral and cross-sectional economics and human resources. At present, his publishing and research activities are focused mainly on human resources development, such as employee education, career management and counseling.

Pavel Krpálek has also been working for many years at the University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of Finance and Accounting, where he deals with teaching theory, namely didactics of economic subjects and issues of training (fictitious) companies. At the University of Economics, he is a member of the Subject Board of the Doctoral study program Theory of Teaching Economic Subjects and a member of the Subject Board of the Doctoral study program Didactics of Technical Vocational Subjects at the Institute of Technology in Dubnica nad Váhom (Slovakia). He is a successful PhD student trainer and has seven completed PhD students in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He is an evaluator of the National Accreditation Office for Higher Education in the “Economics” field of education. He was appointed a member of the Scientific Board of the Institute of Education and Counseling of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague and is an external member of the Internal Evaluation Board. He is also a member of the editorial board of the reviewed journal Media4u and a member of the Scientific Editorial Board of Extrasystem.

Pavel Krpálek is the Vice-Rector for Science, Research, Creative, Publication and Grant Activities at the College of International and Public Relations in Prague, and at the same time he is a member of the Council for Internal Evaluation, the Academic Council and the Editorial Board of the reviewed Journal of Diplomatic and Social Studies.


Publications (in Czech): Fundamentals of Economics for Social Workers, Monograph (2010), Didactics of Economic Subjects, University textbook (2012), Effective Work Style of University Teachers, Monograph (2014), Theoretical Aspects of Rationalization of Economic Education, Collective Monograph (2014), Human Resources and Personnel management, Monograph (2017), Didactics of economic subjects, University textbook (2017), Selected chapters from pedagogical-psychological and didactic preparation of university teachers, University textbook (2018), Tourism for all: inclusion and human capital for regional development, Monograph (2019), University education in the past, present and future, Monograph (2020)

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