doc. PhDr. Jan Eichler, PhD.

Associate professor

He is a researcher at the Institute of International Relations, where he deals with issues of international security. He is a member of the branch councils of doctoral studies MUP Prague, FBMI (Faculty of Biomedical Engineering) CTU, Kladno, FM (Faculty of Management) UO, Brno. He is a member of the scientific board of FBMI CTU. He is a member of the editorial board of the magazine Vojenské rozhledy. In 2014, he successfully completed the appointment procedure at the VSE in Prague, but his appointment decree has not yet been signed. At the Academy of Performing Arts, he is a member of the Academic Council and an active academic staff member.

He appears on radio and television, publishes in professional journals, including International Relations, Défense nationale, Relations Internationales et Stratégiques, Défense et strategie (all three of France), OstEuropa (Germany), International Peacekeeping (Great Britain), Studies in Conflict & Terrorism , Communist and Post-Communist Studies (USA)


Publications: Terrorism and Wars at the Beginning of the 21st Century (Karolinum 2007). International Security in the Age of Globalization (Portal 2009), Security and Strategic Culture of the USA, the EU and the Czech Republic (Karolinum 2011), From Hiroshima to Belgrade; war and peace in the second half of the 20th century. (Karolinum 2014), Expansion by invitation (Karolinum, 2019).


He is a co-author of the publication USA and the Russian Federation – a comparison from the point of view of security and strategic culture (ÚMV 2013). He published the monograph War, Peace and International Security in Great Britain. From Sarajevo to Crimea (Palgrave. 2017).


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