The aim of the CIPR Alumni Club is to keep in touch with you, our closest students – now graduates who perceive our school as your Alma mater.

The key mission of the CIPR Rector’s Office is to innovate the intention of our predecessors, who in October 2010 started the activities of the Alumni Club by the General Assembly. Our priority goal, which is also based on the long-term plan for 2015-2020, is the culture of student and academic life. We strive to create and improve a comfortable base for formal and informal meetings with you, members of the Alumni Club. Particular attention was therefore paid to the clearly profiled platform of the club program, which we consider essential for creating a creative environment and motivating graduates to develop common specific goals with their Alma Mater.

We will be happy if you continue to be part of our college, dear graduates, and together, in a social and professional context, create and implement bold visions! You can showcase your achievements as an example to current students – show them the way, open up new opportunities and make them the beginning of their careers. If you want to stay in touch with your Alma Mater, which for many of you was a solid pillar and a start to your life, we would like to welcome you as a member of the Alumni Club.

Every year, more than a hundred bachelors and masters leave our school, some of whom continue to study and the others are fully engaged in their professional lives. Their career very often starts at the time of their studies, develops quickly after leaving school and brings a number of achievements and interesting experiences they want to share with us.

We believe that the life stories and achievements of our graduates can be a strong motivation for our current students and an inspiration for those who are still considering studying in our country.


Membership and Benefits of the Alumni Club – a registration method

You can register for the CIPR Alumni Club throughout the academic year. Club membership is provided for free and allows members different benefits. The primary step to getting a graduate membership is to register for the Alumni Club by e-mail form here:

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    Registration process

    After your registration we will introduce you to the database as a member of the Alumni Club with all the benefits that are based on the individual points of the program. At the same time, you will receive an email confirming your registration.

    Benefits for members of the Alumni Club

    • Invitations to CIPR events from professional, social, sports and cultural spheres (conferences, seminars, workshops, teambuilding, hockey match, etc.)
    • Course discounts for club members
    • Individual offers of company courses for club members and their partners
    • Provision of space at CIPR






    Collaborative alternatives of higher education institution and graduate as a school partner:

    For graduates who are interested in deeper cooperation with CIPR, either in the development of our college, research, teaching, practice etc., we create space for creating a long-term partnership resulting from membership in the Alumni Club. This means that an existing partner can initiate his or her own activity, which, on the one hand, will financially be supported by a certain amount, but will also influence and consolidate relationships with alumni and the college itself.

    • Cooperation in the field of professional practice for students of CIPR
    • Active participation in conferences of CIPR (in the role of speaker)
    • Possibility of cooperation based on the use of stakeholders’ services
    • Possibility to participate in the promotional strategy of CIPR

    We will be happy to provide you with more information to get started.

    Contact person: Lynn Tourki, M.A., Marketing Manager

    Telefon: +420 251 171 947