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Velmi nás těší váš zájem o studium na VŠMVV! Zde jsme pro vás připravili stručného průvodce přijímacím řízením:

A. Before applying for study:

  • 2. Do you know where it would be best for you to study?
    • The main education process takes place in Prague. PYou can also find a branch in Bratislava.

B. What steps does the admission procedure consist of:

  • 1. Announcement of the admission procedure
      • The admission procedure at CIPR is carried out in accordance with the Higher Education Act.
      • The Rector of the School announces the admission procedure for the given academic year.

  • 2. Submission of the application
      • The admission procedure begins with the application form for applicants. The application is submitted online here.
      • After receiving the application in the school information system, we send the applicant an email with information for the next course of the admission procedure.

  • 3. Payment of the fee
    • The admission fee is 500 CZK and is payable by bank transfer to the school account or in cash if you come to the registration in person.
    • Account number:86-8965510257/0100 (Komerční banka) – give your birth number as a variable symbol. When paying from abroad, IBAN: CZ6201000000868965510257; SWIFT (BIC) – KOMBCZPPXXX.
    • Proof of payment of the fee must be brought with you for registration or send a copy together with other documents by post.

  • 4. Candidate registration and admission procedure
    • The condition for admission to study is, in addition to the filed application, a document on the achievement of the required education and the payment of a fee of CZK 500 for the admission procedure.
    • As part of the admission procedure for the College of International and Public Relations, we do not require applicants to pass any tests or interviews.
    • The applicant has the opportunity to send the documents for the registration by registered mail or to come personally together with the required documents n one of the following dates: 15. 4. , 6. 5. , 20. 5. , 17. 6. , 24. 6. , 26. 8. , 9. 9. , 16. 9. , 23. 9. , 30. 9. 2019, always from 9 am to Auditorium on the 1st floor of the school building, U Santošky 17, Praha 5 – Smíchov
    • For the registration, bring your ID, the proof of payment of the admission fee and the original or the certified copy of your school-leaving certificate, resp. Bachelor degree. Foreign students will attach a certificate of nostrification.
    • The tenderer decides on the outcome of the admission procedure and other necessary information – either personally or by post.


C. Study start:

  • 1. Enrollment of new students
    • Successful candidates must enroll in the school by registering at the Students Affairs Office.
    • It is a festive moment, because from now on they become members of the academic community. The date of enrollment will be written in writing together with the admission decision.

  • 2. Tuition
    • Studying at CIPR is to be covered by so-called tuition fees. Its current amount for the school year and type of study can be found in the Tuition section.

  • 3. Information on the current academic year

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