7 reasons to study at CIPR

  1. 1. Helpful and friendly environment

    Our students are not just numbers. From the first encounter with the school until the final graduation ceremony, guided by a friendly speech delivered by our rector (as he knows you all from the lessons of Culture Anthropology), you will live at the college where people respect each other and are respected!

  2. 2. Meeting with famous people
    During the studies, you will meet not only with former and current but also with big names of the future. That is You! You and your colleagues who will become political commentators, diplomats and public figures of the Czech Republic. Which other schools may offer you the experience of doing/taking an exam together with the Minister of Foreign Affairs or the Ambassador to Qatar?
  3. 3. World view and outlook

    We closely monitor international events. If in the past, English used to be the “global Latin”, other languages are as important today. For example, we can study Chinese and Arabic (all study plans are here). We are following the current geopolitical developments, especially European, Asian and Islamic. We want you to be at the forefront of the education of Czech politicians, journalists and diplomats!

  4. 4. Context and knowledge – the tools of leaders
    It is said that not knowing the history one is doomed to eternal repetition of their mistakes. Therefore, at our college, we do not swot up loads of theory but focus on the context. Knowledge and experience – those are the most powerful tools of your future career!
  5. 5. The School like the Tower of Babel

    Our school is, in the best sense of the word, international. Our students are people coming from different parts of the world. Here you can encounter a variety of cultures and get the opportunity to travel around Europe, mainly through the Erasmus Plus programme. Only the one who knows foreign languages and foreign countries can understand their homeland and lead it!

  6. 6. We offer scholarships and no hidden fees

    Our fees are full and final. It contains everything you need when you study in a regular manner. Compared to other Prague schools, which boast about lower fees, we do not hide fees for exams or other things. On the contrary! We offer a variety of discounts –you can get accommodation and social scholarship, merit scholarship or reduction of tuition fees while working as a research assistant. Don’t be fooled by hidden fees anywhere else!

  7. 7. Career from the first day of your study

    Studying with us will open you the door to the whole world as well as to many institutions. Every year we provide our students with dozens of internships in major companies and in state administration. Thanks to this you will be provided with/receive experience, which cannot be gained anywhere else. Start your career while studying!

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