doc. Ing. Hana Březinová, CSc.



College of International and Public Relations Prague

Since graduating from the University of Economics in Prague, doc. Ing. Hana Březinová, CSc. has been active in the academic sphere. She had the opportunity to devote herself to pedagogical and scientific work not only on her alma mater, where she also habilitated, but also worked for ten years at the Institute of Accounting and Taxes of Mendel University in Brno and at the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague Sixteen years ago, she was fascinated by the idea of creating a Private University of Economics in Znojmo, where she has the opportunity to implement not only as a guarantor of a study program focused on finance, accounting, taxes and audit, but also to be rector for eight years.

Hana Březinová had the opportunity to undergo professional training at the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, from where she went into practice at the time of the creation of the accounting and tax system for the newly conceived economy starting in the 90s, in which she participated professionally. This enabled her to start extensive publishing activities, teaching activities for the newly emerging profession of auditors, accounting experts and methodologists, tax advisors and other professionals working in practice and in the state sphere. One of the first extensive books was a textbook guaranteed by ACCA for the certification of accountants. Today, her publications in the form of monographs, professional articles, articles and comments number in the hundreds. Significant professional work is consulting software, especially Accounting Advisor, which she created as a professional guarantor and the main author under the banner of the Association of Accountants. As a statutory auditor, she established her own company, in which she has been in business for less than twenty-five years, while in the Chamber of Auditors she has worked for many years in the executive committee and other bodies. She actively cooperates especially with the Wolters Kluwer publishing house, Verlag Dashöfer and the Entrepreneur’s Advisor (

As a goal at the College of International and Public Relations, doc. Ing. Hana Březinová, CSc. desires this subject to be optimally incorporated into a group of private universities in the Czech Republic, in order to raise its private higher education to a higher level and persuade of its growing prestige.