PhDr. Jan Slavíček, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


College of International and Public Relations Prague

PhDr. Jan Slavíček, Ph.D.

Economic and social historian and political scientist (born June 2, 1979 in Děčín). In 2005 he completed a two-subject study of history-political science at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, in 2015 Ph.D. from Historical Sciences.
Since 2010 he has worked at several private universities, he was also a secondary school teacher. He also lectures at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. Since 2017 he has been working at the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, currently leading two grants there and also working as an executive editor of the Czech Historical Magazine.

He lectures on political science subjects, economic and social history, especially the history of cooperatives. He also deals with theories of totalitarianism.


Ze světa podnikání do světa plánované distribuce. Proměny spotřebního družstevnictví v letech 1945–1956 na příkladu severních Čech (2017)

Spotřební družstvo Včela mezi podnikáním a politikou v letech 1905–1938 aneb pevnost proletářů v Praze (2019)

A number of articles in professional journals and chapters in collective monographs.