The art of self-presentation and media training

Range: 1 day – 6 lessons

Course price: 5.000, – CZK / participant

Date and Time: coming soon

Lecturer: PhDr. Zdeněk Altman

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The aim of the course is to acquire and consolidate presentation skills, prepare for public appearances and media training. Last but not least, overcoming barriers, verifying ones’ own abilities and boosting self-confidence.


Theoretical preparation and training of basic communication skills:

How to reach audiences, basic rules of public performance and demanding situations

Working with the voice and the whole body

How to overcome embarrassment, inhibitions, fright

Content and structure of speech

Coping with conflict situations.

Specifics of communication with media

Practical Exercises and Media Training:

Verifying your own skills in front of the camera

Record analysis and feedback

Identification of personality strengths and weaknesses

Revealing reserves

Searching for the optimal form of acting and acting.

Location and date of the course CIPR

Way of completion and proof of completion: Certificate of completion of the course.

Educational programs will be launched continuously after a sufficient number of applicants enrolls (min. – 10 people).