Life Learning

University of the Third Age (U3A) is a specific life learning programme. It is a set of lifelong learning programmes aimed at educating people in their post-productive age. The primary mission of U3A is opening university resources, knowledge and skills to people in senior age and intergenerational learning. The aim of these programmes is to provide seniors with the ability to competently and systematically become acquainted with the latest findings in science, history, politics, culture, etc. at the university level. Besides that U3A also fulfils a distinct social function and motivates the elderly to further activities.

The U3A lifelong learning programme is designed mainly for those who have already reached their retirement age and have obtained a full secondary education (a school-leaving examination/maturity). Graduates of the U3A programme will receive a certificate issued by the College of International and Public Relations Prague (CIPR) which will be awarded to them in the Chapel of Sacre Cour, Prague.


Duration/Schedule: Thursday 3-5:30pm / once a fortnight

U3A fee: 500 Kč / a term

Applications are submitted online (choose Prague – Life-learning students – U3A)

Module: Conflicts and Their Resolutions


01.03.2018 – Conflict through the eyes of an anthropologist – lecturer doc. PhDr. Václav Soukup, CSc.

15.03.2018 – Game theory – lecturer Mgr. et Mgr. Jiří Kohoutek, Ph.D.

29.03.2018 – Conflict Through the Eyes of a Lawyer / Conflict Theory – lecturer JUDr. Daniela Kovářová, doc. PhDr. Vladimír Prorok, CSc.

12.04.2018 – Diplomacy as a Tool of Conflict Solving or Their Prevention – lecturer prof. PhDr. Eduard Gombár, CSc.

26.04.2018 – Cold War Crisis – lecturer Mgr. Štěpán Strnad, Ph.D.

10.05.2018 – Current Outbreaks of Conflicts – lecturer doc. PhDr. Vladimír Prorok, CSc.

24.05.2018 – UN and Its Role in the Settlement of International Conflicts – lecturer Mgr. Štěpán Strnad, Ph.D.