Official name: the Czech Republic

Location: Central Europe

Language: Czech Area: 78,866 Sq. km

Neighbours: Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia

Currency: Czech Crown / CZK

Population: 10.66 million

Capital: Praha / Prague (Pop. 1.3 million)

Other major cities: Brno (Pop. 385,000), Ostrava (Pop. 303,000), Plzeň (Pop. 170,000), Liberec (Pop. 102,000), Olomouc (Pop. 100,000)

Administrative Structure: 14 Regions

Distance from Prague to: Vienna (300 km), Berlin (350 km), Warsaw (600 km), Budapest (500 km), Paris (1,000 km), London (1,000 km), Rome (1,200 km), Oslo (1,300 km)

Flight times from Prague to: Vienna (50 min), Berlin (50 min), Warsaw (1h 15 min), Budapest (1h 15 min), Paris (1h 35 min), London (1h 50 min), Rome (1h 50 min), Oslo (2 h)

Political system: parliamentary republic, bicameral parliamentary system with 281 representatives

Head of state: president

Membership: European Union, Schengen Area, NATO, OECD, WTO

Religion: every citizen enjoys freedom of religion, more than 50 % of the population describe themselves as agnostic or atheist

Climate: seasonal variations with warm summers, chilly autumns and cold winters

Average temperatures: January -4 °C; July 24 °C

Time: the time zone is UTC + 1, both summer and wintertime are used

Czech inventions: sugar cubes, contact lenses, semtex, fingerprints, cell theory, blood type classification, the word „robot“, polarography, arc lamp, lightening conductor, ship’s propeller and more

Dialling Code: + 420

Internet Domain: .cz


Important Telephone Numbers:

  • 112 SOS Emergency Call
  • 155 Emergency Medical Service
  • 158 Police of the Czech Republic
  • 156 Municipal Police
  • 150 Fire Brigade


Public Holidays

Jan 1                Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State

Jan 1                New Year

1st Friday after the first full moon following the spring equinox – Good Friday

1st Monday after the first full moon following the spring equinox – Easter Monday

May 1              Labour Day

May 8              Victory Day

Jul 5                 Saints Cyril and Methodius Day

Jul 6                 Jan Hus Day

Sep 28             St. Wenceslas Day (Czech Statehood Day)

Oct 28             Independent Czechoslovak State Day

Nov 17             Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day

Dec 24             Christmas Eve

Dec 25             Christmas Day

Dec 26             St. Stephen’s Day


Opening Hours

Normally shops are opened from 9 am to 6 pm, mainly on weekdays. In large towns, opening hours are usually longer, often up to 10 pm and during the weekend as well. Conversely, in smaller towns and villages shops often closed at 5 pm or even 4 pm. Supermarkets are normally opened until 10 pm, the largest stores are opened non-stop including weekends. Historical sites and museums are mostly closed on Mondays. Their opening hours are governed by the season; longer over the summer, shorter in winter. Some of the sites are opened year-round, others only from April to October.

Studuj atraktivní obory s širokými možnostmi uplatnění na špičkové škole v centru Prahy.
Ke každému studentovi přistupujeme jednotlivě a poskytujeme mu plnou podporu při studiu.

Klíčový je pro nás rozvoj praktických dovedností a uplatnění absolventů. Proto maximálně podporujeme praxi, pracovní stáže a zahraniční pobyty.