Staff procedure

For staff mobility to be admitted, there should exist a Inter-institutional agreement between VSMVVP and your university.

The sending institution is responsible for organizing the administrative process and also for paying the Erasmus grant to the visiting staff at VSMVVP.
If you are planning to realize STT:

  • 1) contact directly International Office to make enquieries about the possibility and timing of the visit
  • 2) contact head of department in your field of study/interest in VSMVVP
  • 3) make sure that you are familiar with the Erasmus programme Teaching Assignment rules
  • 4) fill and sign properly Staff Mobility for Teaching agreement incoming
  • 5) send document to International office at
  • 6) wait for confirmation and acceptance of your stay

If you are planning to realize STA:


All European Union (EU) citizens do not need to have a VISA to enter Czech Republic. However, a valid passport is, of course, necessary. At the airport of Prague, there are lines for European nationals and others for everyone else.

All non EU citizens must get a VISA to be able to do their Erasmus period at our institute. For information about the attainment of a VISA before coming to Czech Republic detailed information can be found at the corresponding department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic.

For any further help regarding VISA’s during your stay in Czech Republic you can contact the International Office of VSMVV.


Accommodation of visiting to VSMVVP staff is arranged in cooperation with the International Office.

In addition, if you would like to look for a hotel reservation for a short period of time by yourself, Prague offers a great number of hotels at a wide range of quality and cost. Among other well known hotel booking web sites, you can try the