A school where professionals from their fields teach.

With us, you will not find teachers who have spent their whole lives behind the department and gained their skills only from books. Erudite experts such as Professor Gombár, Associate Professor Eichler, Associate Professor Palatková or Gen. Andor Šándor is a guarantee that we do not compromise on the quality of teaching. In addition, external experts come to give us lectures every two to three weeks. Thanks to that, you will meet people like Václav Moravec, Jan Mühlfeit, Jitka Pšejová, Ondrej Novotný and many others at our school.

A school that prefers quality over quantity.

Many students are surprised to find that teaching takes place in groups often smaller than their high school class. The seminars take place with a maximum of 20 students, thanks to which each of our teachers knows their students by name and perceives them as personalities, not numbers in the index. If necessary, it is also not a problem to arrange individual consultation hours, or a conversation via Skype or Google Meets from the comfort of your home.

The school closest to the world's universities.

Thanks to the fact that the school management is in charge of people with degrees from institutions such as Cambridge University, London School of Economics (LSE), University College London (UCL) or Maastricht University, we are not afraid to say that all universities in the Czech Republic it is we who can bring these elite schools as close as possible to the way of teaching. That means a little bugging and a lot of real knowledge.

A school where practical experience is an integral part of the study.

In addition to the possibility of internships in our partner institutions, we have prepared several unique projects for our students. For students who want to broaden their horizons in diplomacy and international relations, there is the successful Embassy Project. As part of this three-semester project, you will learn all about the functioning of diplomacy and embassies from diplomatic staff, ministers and other people in this field. In the second unique Security Project, generals, ambassadors or analysts will introduce our students to the impact of security threats on international relations. Selected students will also have the opportunity to work in our professional Students' Marketing Agency , on projects from real clients. As a result, students will gain valuable experience, but will also have the opportunity to earn money during their studies. In addition, marketing and management students will have the opportunity to participate in the PR in practice project, in which we work with the Association of PR Agencies. You can find more information about all projects here .

Why study at VŠMVV

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