Fill out and submit a non-binding study registration

This step will take you less than a minute. At the same time, you have the option to choose between an interview and a cover letter. After receiving the non-binding registration, we will immediately send you an official application for completion, which will take you about 5-7 minutes to complete. In this step, you will need the essentials required by law, such as your ID card number, highest education, and more. After filling it out, we will invite you to a job interview or send you additional information to the cover letter. There is no fee for the admission procedure.


Job interview / cover letter

We will not test your knowledge in the field you are going to study during the job interview. Rather, it is a friendly conversation, during which we want to get to know you and your motivation to study the field. Interviews are currently taking place online via Google Meets. The length of the cover letter is a maximum of 300 words. Within the letter it is necessary to write your motivation to study the selected field, your experience and where you would like to apply in the future


The result

We will send you the result of the admission procedure within 14 working days of the interview or receipt of the motivation letter. If the answer is yes, you will receive an admission decision and a study contract from us.


Beginning of study

Before starting the study, it is necessary to pay the tuition fee by the deadline specified in the contract. Subsequently, you will complete the enrollment and officially become a member of the academic community.

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