Catalogue of Library

The Library administers Library stocks in a paper and an electronic form and builds them according to the requirements of the educational programme, i. e. accredited study fields of the College of International and Public Relations (further „CIPR“). They are especially profiling fields: International Relations and Diplomacy, Marketing and Management, Public Administration, Public Relations, Security and Defence, Sociology, Philosophy, Politology, Economics and other social sciences. The Library of the CIPR provides primary services to students of the CIPR.

Opening hours of the Library (since 9. 1. 2020):

Monday           9:30 – 11:30

Wednesday     9:30 – 11:30, 16:30 – 17:30

Thursday        9:30 – 11:30 (during a regular term period except: 20. 2., 5. 3., 19. 3., 2. 4., 16. 4.)

Friday             9:30 – 11:30 (during classes of part-time studies: 21. 2., 6. 3., 20. 3., 3. 4., 17. 4.)

Basic services of the Library:

  • borrowing services (non-circulating and circulating borrowing)
  • the use of the Online Catalogue of the CIPR
  • the possibility of access to the Internet in the Library
  • the possibility to use the Library as a study room

Sale of relevant books

Since March 2019 it is possible to purchase in the Library following books in the Czech language:

Author Title Year of Issue Price (Kč)
Jelínková, Michaela English for International and Public Relations 2015 200
Salačová, Helena Internationale Themen auf Deutsch 2012 300
Slavíček, Jan Antologie textů k dějinám politického myšlení 2015 300
Žantovský, Petr Investigativní publicistika 2016 150
Žantovský, Petr Politická komunikace-propaganda 2016 150
Mrázová, Alena Qui Cherche, Trouve 2013 200
Foret, Miroslav; Hesková, Marie; Lieskovská, Vanda; Melas, Dávid Management integrované marketingové a podnikové komunikace 2018 300
Gombár, Eduard Dějiny mezinárodních politických vztahů I 2019 100
Mesršmíd, Jaroslav Nová globální ekonomická architektura 2019 200

Information services of the Library

The Library provides users with information on the professional and scientific literature of domestic and foreign provenance from fields which are in compliance with the information responsibility of the CIPR. The Library provides consultation in relation to the formal layout of students´ final theses. You can contact the Library also in the matter of quotation norms and how to rightly quote in a final thesis.

Composition of the Library stocks

  • Czech and foreign monographs
  • study texts
  • students´ final theses
  • newspapers and professional and scientific journals.

Loan period and conditions                   

Students of the CIPR External users (Public)
Monographs  1 month (maximum 10 items) only in non-circulating way
Journals only in a non-circulating way only in a non-circulating way
Final thesis only in a non-circulating way only in a non-circulating way


Rights and obligations of users by the use of services and Library stocks of the Library of the CIPR are regulated in the Library Rules.

External library sources

If you do not find a requested item in the Library of the CIPR, it is recommended to contact below-stated libraries or to use Google services:

Národní knihovna ČR(National Library of the Czech Republic)

Národní technická knihovna (National Library of Technology)

Knihovna Akademie věd ČR(Library of Czech Academy of Sciences)

Městská knihovna Praha(Municipal Library of Prague)

Google Books

Google Scholar



Tel.: +420 251 171 939


Updated 9. 1. 2020