Ing. Zdeněk Koníček

Assistant Professor


College of International and Public Relations Prague

Ing. Zdeněk Koníček

A diplomat with many years of experience both at the headquarters and at embassies abroad. (born 30.6.1952 in Krumvír). In 1975 he graduated from the Technical University in Brno, followed by a two-year postgraduate course in intelligence and in 1979 a diplomatic course at FMZV in Prague.

From 1977 until 2005, he held various executive and management positions in military diplomacy, from junior to head of department. He started his academic career in 2006 at the College of International and Public Relations in Prague, as an assistant professor at the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy, and in 2011-14 also at the Metropolitan University Prague. He lectures on information and analytical activities, intelligence and transnational organized crime.

From 1980-83 he worked at the Embassy in Madrid, 1985-89 at the Embassy in Lisbon and 1998-2003 at the Embassy in Belgrade (during the Kosovo crisis).


Zpravodajské činnosti I (2009)

Zpravodajské činnosti II (2010)

Zpravodajské činnosti III (2011)

Nadnárodní organizovaný zločin (2013)

Informačně analytická činnosti (2014)