Alois Houdek Scholarship

The Alois Houdek's scholarship is a legacy of the school's founder, Ing. Alois Houdek, according to whom it is necessary to help young people on their way to education. The scholarship is intended for all students whose average marks for a given academic year reached a maximum value of 1.3 and did not receive a grade of "good" in any subject. Each year, an amount of CZK 100,000 (€ 4,000) is redistributed among the scholarship holders. More information can be found here .


Accommodation scholarship

The support within the accommodation scholarship is CZK 540 for each month in which you meet the conditions. For more information, contact the study department ( varutti@vsmvv.cz ).


Social scholarship

Thanks to the social scholarship, you can receive up to CZK 3,800 per month for the standard period of study (10 months) in the academic year. Contact the study department ( varutti@vsmvv.cz ) for more details on social scholarships.