The VŠMVV helped with its patronage to publish a new university textbook – Digital-Art-Content: The Practice of Creating Marketing Content and Measuring Its Effectiveness , which reflects the basic area, resp. a key element of the process of creating marketing communications, an element important for large campaigns of prestigious agencies as well as for promotional outputs of small local advertising and creative studios.

Authors of the textbook, Mgr. Veronika Szabóová, PhD ., Mgr. Jozef Peniak, PhD. , Mgr. Peter Cyprich, DiS. Art , structured the content of the textbook so that it could be used not only for university students of marketing communication and advertising, but also for a wider target group of readers, such as the general public or people working in sectors requiring the promotion of their activities.

The textbook combines theory with practice, which means that in addition to highly technical and theoretical passages, all subchapters are supplemented by examples of good practice, which bring the selected topic closer to a specific practical demonstration, as well as tasks and questions to stimulate discussion and also support remembering information. .

The textbook is freely available on this link .

The publication was created with the support of the project APVV-18-0257: Incubator of multimedia digital production: reciprocal transfer of science, art and creative industries (guarantor: doc. Mgr. Lucia Spálová, PhD.)