prof. PhDr. Peter Terem, PhD.

Professor - VKI Bratislava


Vysoká škola mezinárodních a veřejných vztahů Praha

Prof. PhDr. Peter Terem, PhD. works as an external collaborator at the University of International and Public Relations Prague, o.p.s. During his 25 years in the academic sphere, he is engaged in pedagogical and scientific research, leading research and educational projects, creating a concept for the development of science and research at the faculty and university level, internationalizing educational and scientific research activities, leading final theses at all three levels. etc. He has held the position of Vice-Dean for International Relations, Science and Research, Head of the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy at the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, Vice-Rector for Science and Research at the MBU in Banská Bystrica.
Pedagogical activity focuses on the subjects Political Geography, World Macro-Regions, Introduction to International Relations, Theory of International Relations, Territorial Studies, Central European Geopolitics, International Relations, US Foreign Policy, Energy and Environmental Security, Political Geography of the Slovak Republic. The research activity focuses on the foreign policy of the Slovak Republic, the role of the powers in world politics, the use of the concept of soft power in the strategies of small states, the external relations of the European Union, US foreign policy, sports diplomacy. He completed research residencies at foreign universities in Reims (University of Champagne-Ardenne), Boston, MA (Boston College) and Ann Arbor, MI (Weiser Diplomacy Center, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan), multiple mobility universities (Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, France) and institutions (NATO Public Diplomatic Division).
Author of scientific monographs, studies, professional and teaching texts in the field of political geography, geopolitics, transformation processes in Central Europe, the role of nuclear weapons in world politics, energy security, foreign policy of the Slovak Republic, Slovak membership in the EU and NATO. Collaborates with the GLOBSEC Academy Center. In 2007-2009 he acted as coordinator of the National Convention on the Future of the European Union. In 2011-2012 he was a member of the expert group for strategic evaluation of the Slovak defense at the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic. He holds several awards, e.g. "Outstanding Educator" (SPP Foundation, 2008), graduate of the Fulbright Program in Boston in 2015 and the Ronald and Eileen Weiser Professional Development Award in 2019 (University of Michigan).
Investigator of several national and international projects (VEGA, KEGA, International Visegrad Found, Jean Monnet Module, grants of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic, CEZ - Czech Republic Grant, National Convention on the Future of the European Union, member of the Center of Excellence research team focusing on national and international security issues) . He is a member of the board of the Slovak Fulbright Alumni Assocation. He is the Vice-Chairman of the Partnership Council for Integrated Territorial Development of the Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region. He comments on current topics of international relations for RTVS.


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